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2007-10-03 01:08:34 by MrCrinkle

I am currently working on many games at the moment. Heres a short description of the main ones that I have worked on most recently.

1. Action sidescroller, you are a marine in the army and must take out enemy threats. Many weapons including machine gun, pistol, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and even a knife. Main weapon is machine gun, which is always available, switch to secondary weapon by ducking.

2. Turret defense game, you control a hover tank, trying to prevent the enemys from retreating to their hole in the middle of the map. Kill them before they get to their hole. Weapons include laser, Machine gun, rocket and canon. All are upgradeable.

3. First person shooter, sequel to my first submission but much better. Multiple weapons include pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Move your mouse to the edge of the screen to duck for cover and reload. It will also have a gripping story!

That`s all for now, stay tuned for more updates!


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2007-10-11 00:54:13

Keep it up.


2007-12-28 23:29:37

this is my review for youre first-person shooter:

in most games like this, the enemies shoot too slow, therefore the game is easy to beat the first time through. But these enemies shot just a little bit too fast. It fits for such a short game though. If you are going to make a long one, make the enemies shoot a tiny bit slower.